Turn Customers into fans

Customers want to be supported. Customer loyality is the foundation for longterm success and competitiveness of a company. Customers are more likely to remember the service of a product or experience, than remembering its actual price. They will prefer a competitor four times more likely, if the customer service has been dissatisfying.

Your advantages

Your customers receive their very own personal assistant on top of their product

Your service will be extended without additional cost for labor or processmanagement

Increased Customer Loyalty

Continuous interaction to your customer

Get to know your customer and learn from experiences, ideas, questions, opinions, feelings and criticism and react to them realtime

Gain realtime feedback and imply your learnings within strategic decisions

Proactively design customer service

Decrease divergence loss of marketing campaigns

Personalize offers, Identify early trends


Sixtyone extends the service portfolio for your guests and represents a perfect supplement to a concierge on site. Never before third party reviews or direct guestfeedback have been more important. Special attention and thoughfulness demonstrate your valuation and appreciation for your guest. Make your guest your most positive multiplier.

Urban life has many facettes and has a lot to offer. However, daily routine takes away the time to benefit from those possibilities. Sixtyone Business creates space for freedom. As a property developer or landlord, you can make use of our full service solution in favor of your tenants. Support your janitor services, organize transfers, grocery shopping and much more. Sixtyone Business will increase your tenant’s satisfaction within your compound.

Being an insurance company, your customers usually associate negative experiences such as accidents or loss with their insurance coverage and your brand. With Sixtyone you gain the possibility to create positive experiences for your customers by offering an inhouse concierge aside your everyday business.

Whether booking the best flight rates, giving advice for exhibitions or getting the best restaurant in town Sixtyone is your customer’s personal concierge for travel and business.
Synergies of support and software empower you to constantly be with your customer and gain valuable insights and data in order to recognize early marketing trends and gain realtime feedback.