Sixtyone Business for your employees

Employees are your biggest asset. Regardless your industry with an authentic employer brand will you not only increase your external reputation, also will it influence your image amongst your employees and reduce movement of labor. Sixtyone Business will not replace labor but provides a service that supports your employees and gives them more time for their daily business.

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Your advantages

Employees gain access to a mobile personal assistant

Everyday life tasks can be outsourced to your convenience

Service and support for your employees without additional cost for labor or processmanagement

Less distraction and increased economy of time for employees

Wow employees

Increase loyalty and commitment

Increase of
employer brand

Increase of efficiency

Examples of Use

There are manifold examples of Sixtyone’s personal assistance portfolio: flight rates, tickets, car rental or hotelrooms. Sixtyone is your partner
to relieve pressure from your employees. Thus, time can be saved and costs can be reduced.

+ Booking flights

+ Booking hotels

+ Travel transfer

+ Online shopping

+ Suggestions and reservations

+ Intermediate of service providers