Why should you supply your customers or employees with a personal assistant?

Feel free to contact us for further questions!

Which service is Sixtyone able to provide?

Sixtyone focuses on inconvenient research booking processes. Please contact for further information!

How is a business solution being integrated?

Possibilities range from simple use of support services to whitelabel applications with own backend database. It is also possible, to integrate the service into existing systems. You already run an app in your companys’ brand? Not an issue, we supplement it with an additional tab ‘my assistant’ and create the possibilty for your users to access their own personal assistant through this tab in the future. Of course it is possible, to work on individual adjustments with you. We are looking forward to define a solution with you adjusted to your very own needs. Contact us for further information!

Which technical requirements are necessary?

Our mobile applications are available for iOS and android devices. We can additionally develop a web application that is accessible via browser. For the use of our personal assistant service you will need a working internet connection.

Can certain tasks be excluded?

Through a defined tagging we can exclude specific tasks.


Sixtyone is avaiblable from 8 am to 8 pm. A tasks gets forwarded to our customer support, a first answer will be given within a couple of minutes.

How are bookings executed?

Sixtyone makes bookings on behalf of the user. An invoice will always be issued to the user. Specific payment arrangements can be defined with you. Contact us for further information.

What about data security at Sixtyone?

Data encryption is carried out via a redundant system (twincore strategy), which had been certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and offers security on all levels. With support of service management customer requirements concerning cloud security are ensured and prioritizing, loadsmoothing, service levels and data comprimizing are adhered. Information transfer is performed SSLencrypted. Additionally modern technology that garantuees hightest safety and encryption standards is used in operations and our software.